5 Tips for Wedding Planning While You’re in School

As August marches on, so does the path back to school for many of our readers. If you are a student AND you are planning a wedding this season, RiverStone recognizes that your plate is full! That’s why we are sharing 5 tips to help you navigate the added responsibilities of wedding planning this school year.

1. Plan Ahead & Prioritize Tasks

Get a handle on your important due dates ASAP! Make a master calendar that accounts for all major school and wedding-related deadlines. Include all exams, presentations, and project due dates, as well as engagement/bachelor(ette) parties, showers, booking and deposit deadlines. Knowing when the most important things MUST be done will allow you to prioritize the rest of your TO DO LIST accordingly.

2. Stick to a Schedule

Develop a regular study schedule, and dedicate 1-2 days a week to wedding planning. But try to keep the two activities separate. That means no browsing, pinning, or purchasing of wedding related content during study/class time. Having undivided attention will increase efficiency and reduce stress as you manage your assignments.

3. Host Your Ceremony and Reception at the Same Venue

Select an all-inclusive wedding venue, like RiverStone! This will allow you to pull off the wedding of your dreams (from start to finish) in one location. It will eliminate the added challenge of coordinating with two separate venues, and there will be no need to commute from ceremony to reception come wedding day.

RiverStone offers beautiful outdoor and indoor ceremony sites for you to choose from. We showcase a spacious patio for cocktail hour and fabulous interior reception space, complete with built in dance floor and state-of-the-art specialty lighting and sound equipment. We would love to join you on your journey to the altar! Contact us today for a tour of our facilities.

4. Delegate When Possible.

Perfect the art of asking for (and accepting) help. Knowing that you are supported and not alone on an island of tulle and lace will make this season of life a lot more enjoyable. Plus you will reduce the risk of overwhelm, which can lead to burnout if left unchecked. Here are a few guidelines to consider when determining which things you can delegate and which things need to be managed personally.

Tasks That Can Be Delegated:

  • Routine tasks
  • Things others have a talent for or could do better
  • Time-consuming projects
  • Assignments for which you are not responsible

Tasks That Should Not Be Delegated:

  • Crises
  • Poorly defined tasks
  • Confidential matters
  • Assignments for which you are responsible

5. Make Time for Each Other (and Yourself)

Above all, remember to connect with your fiancé and invest in self-care regularly. Ultimately, wedding day will come and go; so it’s critical that you keep yourself and your relationship healthy throughout the process!  Doing so will set you up for a lifetime of success together.