8 Ways to Put the Fun in Your Wedding Day!

You are in the process of planning the wedding of your dreams. You’re playing with color pallets, textures, patterns, and light. Making important decisions about flavor, flowers, and music. But do you know what your guests are most likely to remember about your wedding day?…The fun factor!

As bride or groom, you will double as host(ess)/entertainer come wedding day…So how do you keep hundreds of people entertained for 4+ hours?! Don’t worry! RiverStone’s got you covered! We’re sharing 8 fun ideas to keep your guests busy and happy throughout your event!

  1. Choreographed Dance

Whether it’s your first dance as a couple, a parent dance, or a dance with your best pals, breaking it down on the dance floor can be a lot of fun! Add some choreographed dance steps and practice them ahead of time to make this time-honored tradition extra entertaining for your guests!

“Line dancing” is another fun way to encourage crowd participation. Ask your DJ to periodically play some well-known group dance songs to inspire your people to get up and moving.

  1. Artists & Artisans

Hire artists or artisans to share their talents and craftsmanship at your reception.

  1. Party Gear

Kick the party up a notch by handing out glowsticks, stylish shades, feather boas, and beads! This is a simple, yet effective, way to encourage crowd participation in the festivities.

  1. Art Instillation

Use artistic instillations to enliven your wedding décor (think sculptures, illuminated signs, and other life-sized artistic structures or props). This is a unique way to bring sophistication, interest, and whimsy to your event.

  1. Games & Puzzles

Bring on the games! Provide a few organized activities to break up extended periods of mingling and small talk. For example:

  • Arcade games like Pac-Man or Pinball
  • Life-sized board games like Jenga, Checkers, or Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • Lawn games like Corn Hole, Horse Shoes, or Ladder Golf
  • Custom puzzles made from pictures of you and your spouse
  • Wedding Mad Libs
  • Shoe Game
  1. Photobooth/Video Booth

Capture candid moments of guests in a photo or video booth. Stock the booth with wearable props and/or a custom background to make the experience even more fun, and admit guests at cocktail hour to maximize interest and exposure.

  1. Dry Ice

Enhance those dance party vibes by bringing in a dry ice machine! Your guests will feel like they are dancing on clouds (or starring in their very own music video).

  1. Cultural Element

Give a nod to your heritage and provide memorable entertainment for your guests by adding a bit of cultural flavor!

Remember, your wedding should be a reflection of your personal style, which includes the things you like to do to have fun! We recommend that you choose activities that you and your fiancé will find enjoyable when it comes to wedding day entertainment! Your authenticity will be much appreciated by your guests, and they will have a great time celebrating the big day with you.