7 Ways to Honor your Grandparents During Wedding Season

“A grand[parent] is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.”

– Author unknown.

Weddings are beautiful reminders of the love that surrounds us, the formal celebration of the union of two lives, and the symbolic joining of two families. Wedding season is therefore the perfect time to honor the people who have had a great deal of influence in your life.

If you are fortunate enough to have grandparents who are able to participate in your wedding day, that is a very special thing! The truth is, you wouldn’t be here without them! And even with the multi-generational gap between you, your grandparents have likely experienced many highs and lows in their own lives that can impart wisdom as you embark on this new season of marriage. They deserve to be honored for their contributions. That’s why RiverStone is sharing 7 ideas to help you make them feel extra special on your wedding day.

  1. First Look

    Many brides arrange a first look with their fathers before ceremony time. Why not do the same with your grandparent(s)? This will make them feel important and allow you to carve out a few quiet moments together before the day gets busy.

  1. Ceremony

    Give your grandparents the royal treatment (complete with an escort down the aisle and reserved seating) come ceremony time. You may choose to include them in the processional, or you might consider asking them to participate directly in your ceremony by:

    • Giving a prayer.
    • Reciting a special reading.
    • Tossing petals as flower girl or presenting wedding bands as ring bearer.
    • Standing by your side as an honorary bridesmaid or groomsman.
  1. Something Borrowed

    Another great way to honor your grandparent is to carry or wear something that belongs to them as you exchange your vows. A piece of jewelry, tie, or cufflinks; a photo tied to your bouquet; a piece of fabric sewn to the inside of your dress or tux. 

    Note: This gesture is also a beautiful way to remember grandparents who are no longer with you. Alternatively, you can set up a memory table that includes photos and special trinkets in their honor. Or you can leave an empty seat with a rose to honor them at the ceremony and/or reception.

  1. Special Dance

    This is a sweet way to direct the spotlight in your grandparents’ direction. If they have been married for many years, honor their commitment to one another with a special moment on the dance floor. Another option is to plan a dance with your grandmother/grandfather to a song that has special meaning to your relationship.

  2. Photoshoot

    Make the most of this opportunity to capture lasting memories of your loved ones on film! As families grow and age, it becomes harder to get everyone together in one place. But weddings are the perfect opportunity to do so. Speak to your photographer in advance about the VIP guests that you want to incorporate in formal and candid photos throughout the day.

  3. Secret Recipe 

If you have a grandparent who is known for making a favorite family recipe, request permission to include it in your wedding!  Give them written credit on your wedding menu if the food item becomes part of the main course. If it is part of a sweets station, make a sign for the table that recognizes their contribution. This will go a long way toward making your grandparent feel loved and valued on your special day.

  1. Gift Giving

    Give your grandparents a special gift on wedding day! Order boutonnieres for your grandfathers and corsages or bouquets for your grandmothers. Write special notes to your grandparents thanking them for the contributions they have made to your life and letting them know how much they are loved. Or consider giving an embroidered handkerchief or piece of engraved jewelry to commemorate the occasion.

Letting loved ones know how much you value them during the important moments of life is rewarding and fun! RiverStone hopes this list has given you some creative ways to honor not only your grandparents but also the rest of the VIPs in your life this season!