When considering your list of wedding pros, don’t forget you’re going to need someone to perform the ceremony!

The officiant’s job is to get you hitched, and it’s a big responsibility. A typical wedding ceremony doesn’t last more than 30 mins, but it’s a life changing half hour. In that time, your officiant will walk you through your vow exchange and any other ceremonial rituals that you want to include in you wedding. But there’s more to a meaningful ceremony than ritual alone. How you choose to represent your relationship and express your love is what personalizes your wedding. And it starts with picking an officiant who is able to share that message with your guests. Which means asking the right questions and doing your research before the big day arrives! Keep reading to find out more…

Ask Yourself Some important questions…

The wedding ceremony is your opportunity to communicate what makes your love special and unique. So ask yourself…How would you describe your relationship? Is it romantic and passionate? Playful, adventurous, and full of humor? What makes your love special? That’s what your want your officiant to highlight during your ceremony. If you love to laugh, ask them to add levity and humor to your ceremony. If you’re more traditional, stick to a more formal tone.

What anecdote or story can be shared to help guests get to know you better? Do you want to perform a unity ceremony that compliments your personalities? Are you interested in adding special music or a reading that’s meaningful to you as a couple? Do you want to write your own vows or recite traditional ones?

Decide what you want to say before you choose who’s going to say it. That way you can really determine who’s best fit for the job.

Do Your Research…

Next, do some research about officiants in your area and be prepared to ask some face-to-face questions to get to know them better. This individual will be part of your A-Team, so make sure they check these boxes before you book them.

  1. Get to know them on a personal basis. 
  2. Make sure they are a confident public speaker.
  3. Confirm that your values align.
  4. Verify that they are ordained to perform a ceremony in the county and state of your wedding.
  5. Be certain that they can sign your license.

Once you’ve done your research and asked the important questions, go with your heart. Your wedding will be spectacular!