Trying to decide if you want your wedding to be an unplugged occasion? These days, cellphones are a part of almost everything we do, but whether or not they get an invitation to your wedding is totally up to you! Take a look at some pros and cons of going unplugged to help you make your decision.

Pros of an Unplugged Wedding:

  • Radio Silence. Nobody likes competing with rogue ringtones during their vows or speeches. So why not ask your guests to honor your most sacred moments by silencing their electronics for a few hours.
  • Limited Interference. People become amateur photographers with high tech camera phones in hand. But sometimes the most well-meaning guests can interfere with your professionals by inadvertently blocking a shot. If you don’t allow cell phones at your wedding, this won’t be problem, and your wedding pros will be guaranteed the best photo ops of the day.
  • No Unauthorized Posts on Social. Hosting an unplugged wedding will help ensure that no unwanted or untimely photos are posted before YOU’RE ready to share the details of your big day on social media. In other words, you choose what’s posted and when!
  • Living In the Moment. You (and your people) will be more present at your wedding if you’re not distracted by cellphones and electronics. That means better conversation and more meaningful interactions on your wedding day!

Pros of Plugging In:

  • Varied Perspective. Allowing guests to snap and post photos at your wedding gives you the opportunity to see things from different perspectives. Sometimes the best candid photos will come from a friend or family member’s camera.
  • Happy Campers. Not everyone will comply with a no cellphone policy, and asking them to do so might agitate some of your guests. If you want to keep your people happy AND pair down on the devices, consider asking everyone to simply be respectful about when and how they use their phones instead of eliminating cellphone use entirely. i.e. No flash photography or paparazzi please!
  • FOMO Fix. People who are unable to attend your wedding still want the opportunity to see your big day unfold from afar. A plugged in event allows you to invite those who can’t make the trip (think elderly grandparents) to still see pics and join the celebration!
  • Instant Gratification. Patiently waiting on your photographer to release wedding day pics is hard! But plugging in allows you to view photos instantly. It also takes a little pressure off your professionals while your photos are being edited.
  • #heartwarminghashtags Who doesn’t love a catchy hashtag? There’s a camaraderie and lightheartedness to collectively captioning photos. Hashtags bring an extra level of personalization to your big day!

Looking for a compromise? Try an unplugged ceremony coupled with a plugged in reception for the best of both worlds!