APRIL 27 – Prom 2019 was a night to remember for the students, parents, and faculty of Fort Atkinson High School. As the clock struck 7:00 PM, guests were magically transported to a beautiful garden oasis tucked within the walls of RiverStone Premiere Event Center.

The Theme…Garden of Glamour

John Collins, managing director for the school’s theater department, played an instrumental role in staging the event. The investment? An impressive trailer load of decorative materials and over 12 hours of setup!

The Party-Goers…

From Crocks to sequins, Fort Atkinson students dressed to impress! Grand March and Coronation offered the perfect opportunity to showcase that individual personality and style (see photo gallery below).

With formalities complete, it was time to party! Good vibes, happy times, and a driving bass filled the air. Prom-goers enthusiastically danced the night away under the twinkle of RiverStone’s state-of-the-art specialty lighting and mirrored dicso ball.

The Memories…

By the end of the evening, one thing was certain, classmates, high school sweethearts, and BFFs had forged life-long memories together!