5 Ways to Thrive (Not Just Survive) a Rainy Wedding Day


You’re familiar with the old adage: April showers bring May flowers, but what happens when it’s May, it’s still raining, and you’re getting MARRIED?! Before you throw in the towel, we want you to know that it’s possible to thrive (not just survive) a rainy wedding day. Check out 5 of our tried and true industry tips to turn those rainy wedding day blues into success!

  1. Plan Ahead

Weather is ultimately unpredictable. Even if the forecast is calling for clear skies and sunshine, we recommend you take time to address those “what if’s” now. Here at RiverStone, we prepare for the unexpected. We offer fabulous outdoor and indoor ceremony sites capable of accommodating up to 300 guests. Should rain clouds form on your big day, we’ve got you covered, literally. We would love to talk with you about how to structure your event to best fit your needs.

Once you’ve ironed out the major details of your contingency plan, keep your guests in the loop. Include an “in case of rain” note with your invitations or on you wedding website. Trust us, they will appreciate it!

  1. Work with Your Vendors

Have conversations about rain with your vendors before the big day arrives. Advanced knowledge about how your team will handle the pressure will ensure that less stress falls on your shoulders come wedding day.

Look for a photographer who has experience shooting events in foul weather. You want someone who knows how to protect their equipment and is inspired, not inconvenienced, by a little rain.

Speak with your Glam Squad about hair and makeup selections that will withstand moisture, wind, and humidity. Consider selecting a backup rainy day hairstyle, and ask about touchups. Make sure everyone is prepared to help you look and feel fabulous throughout the event.

  1. Take Advantage of Unique Photo Ops

Use the rain to your advantage! Play with reflections and infuse fun pops of color into your photos. Props such as clear dome or cheerful colored umbrellas and rain boots will really add pizazz to your images. Consider personalizing your props with monograms or special sayings for an extra special touch!

  1. Bring the Outdoors In

Keep your interior space in mind when envisioning your wedding day. Choose decor that will seamlessly transition from outdoors to in. Be generous with distribution of flowers and greenery! Fill open spaces with lanterns and glass cylinders. Get creative with candles and specialty lighting. Doing so will bring warmth and natural beauty to your event regardless of what is happening outside.

For more ideas about how to add natural touches to your interior space, check out: https://riverstonepremier.com/2019/04/26/inspired-byspring/

  1. Pack a Rain Emergency Kit

Begin collecting your survival necessities early! Here are some items you might want to include:

  • Change of Shoes and/or Rain Boots
  • Umbrella(s)
  • Towels and Tissues
  • Bobby Pins, Comb, Hair Ties, and Hairspray
  • Lipstick and Waterproof Mascara
  • Q-tips
  • Handheld Mirror

Rain or shine, remember attitude is key to the success of your event! A genuine smile and positive outlook will go a long way toward chasing any lingering gloom away!