RiverStone talks Engagement! When is the most popular time to get engaged? How long does the typical engagement last? When to start wedding planning, and where to begin? This week we’re tackling some of your most frequently asked engagement questions! Take a look!

When is the most popular time to get engaged?

According to last year’s polls, winter and summer are the most popular seasons to get engaged. 19% of engagements took place in December alone, proving that a little bling goes a long way toward “ringing” in the holiday season!

Interestingly, along with Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day made the list of top 10 most popular engagement dates of 2018.

10 most popular engagement dates of 2018:

  1. Christmas Day
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. Christmas Eve
  4. New Year’s Day
  5. New Year’s Eve
  6. December 23rd
  7. Two Saturdays before Christmas Eve
  8. 4th of July
  9. Memorial Day
  10. The Saturday before Valentine’s Day

How long does the typical engagement last?

The majority of today’s couples are opting for longer engagements. At 14 months, the average engagements are currently lasting just over a year.

But average does not necessarily mean right for you. Every couple is unique, and so are your schedules, goals and ambitions. We recommend having this conversation with your fiancé early! When weighing your options for a short or long engagement, here are a few things to consider:

Long engagement:

Pro: Increased availability of wedding vendors. In the wedding industry, vendors usually book up about a year in advance. If you want to have your first pick of florist, DJ, photographer, and wedding date, a longer engagement will work to your advantage.

Pro: More time to complete wedding tasks and DIY projects.

Con: Too much time to make decisions…Wedding burn-out is real!

Con: Trends may change before your wedding date arrives.

Short Engagement:

Pro: You get to be married sooner!

Pro: You are less likely to get bogged down in the details.

Con: You may have to spend extra cash for rush orders or deliveries.

Con: Some guests may not be able to attend on short notice.

When should I start Wedding Planning?

If your wedding is over a year away…take up to 3 weeks to enjoy your newly engaged status! You don’t have to rush right into wedding planning, but don’t wait so long that the excitement of the occasion begins to fade.

If your wedding date is within 6 months…allow yourselves a week to celebrate before you hit the ground running!

If you are getting married in 3 months or less… Ready…Set…GOO!!! In all seriousness, do take time for a few deep breaths to ditch the stress. If you are decisive and willing to compromise throughout this process, you will be fine!

Where to begin?

Recently engaged? CONGRATULATIONS!! Now its time to book your venue and set the date! Then you can tackle your guest list, choose your wedding party, and begin to define your wedding day inspiration! Schedule a tour at RiverStone Premiere Event Center today! We can’t wait to partner with you on this journey!