Recently engaged? Time to let the world know! And what better way to spread the news than to share an adorable snapshot of you and your FIANCE head over heels in love? If you’re considering professional engagement photos, RiverStone’s in full support of the idea! Getting engaged is one of life’s sensational moments, and it’s SO worth celebrating (and commemorating). But we know there’s a lot of pressure to plan the perfect announcement photo. And the internal dialogue that takes place beforehand might go something like this … “What should we wear?? Is it going to rain?? What if I squint or smile weird in our photos? ”

To all of our recently engaged couples, RiverStone’s excitement for you is genuine, and we want to help you feel confident about your plan to share your news with the world! So today we’re talking about the who’s, what’s, when’s, and where’s of the perfect engagement shoot. Check it out!


The first thing you need to decide is WHO’s going to take your photos? There are a number of benefits to hiring a professional photographer for your engagement shoot. First, you’ll be guaranteed professional quality photos taken with professional equipment. Trust us, this makes a dramatic difference in the final product! Second, you’ll get practice posing with your fiancé in front of the camera, and you’ll begin to build a relationship with your photographer that will help you feel comfortable come wedding day! Ultimately, your engagement is the beginning of your story, and you’ll forever be glad you invested in capturing this beautiful moment on film! For more tips about how to choose a professional photographer, check out RiverStone’s Photographer Q&A.


When it comes to wardrobe, our biggest piece of advice is to wear something comfortable!! Clothes that are too tight, too short, or too scratchy are no-goes! You’ll end up tugging at them all day, and that distraction will show up in your photos. Wear what makes you look and feel your best! And don’t worry about matching your fiancé. Complimentary colors are key! Consider a dress rehearsal before your shoot. Snap a pic of the two of you together so you can see how the outfits and colors appear on film. Then make any necessary adjustments before your photo shoot takes place. Finally, make sure you steam or iron your clothes ahead of time! You don’t want to be trying to get wrinkles out last minute!


The right lighting makes alllll the difference in photos. If you’re planning an outdoor photo shoot, time of day will directly impact exposure. Plus you don’t want to end up squinty-eyed in your photos because your were posing in direct sunlight. This is where your wedding pros come into play…Lean hard on your photographer. Ask what time of day they suggest for your shoot. Then take that advice, and BE ON TIME so you can make the most of the entire time they have scheduled for you.


When choosing the WHERE for your engagement shoot, consider the sentiment and the setting. You might select a place that has special significance to your love story, or you might choose a new location based on the beauty of the surroundings. Either way, pick a spot that lights a spark and encourages you to shine as a couple!

Above all, BE YOURSELVES!! Because you are BEAUTIFUL and so is your love story! Be confident! Laugh a little, be playful, hug and kiss each other. All of these things will help eliminate any residual nerves. And remember, you and your fiancé are in this one together! So have FUN with the experience!

Finally, Congratulations & Happy Engagement from our RiverStone family to yours!