Setting a wedding date is challenging business. There are so many competing schedules to consider…birthdays, family anniversaries, special events, etc. Not to mention the fact that Mother Nature has a large say in the matter… think about weather patterns and the changing of seasons. Although we don’t recommend double booking your wedding with a family member’s birthday, we do want to share a few of the reasons we think the holidays present unique opportunities to create joyful wedding memories at RiverStone!

  1. Extended Vacation Time

While it might seem impossible to find a date that works for everyone on your guest list, booking around the holidays offers some distinct advantages for today’s wedding couples. If you’re struggling with the realization that you’re going to have to ask your guests to use vacation time in order to witness your nuptials, a holiday wedding might be the perfect solution!

A major bonus of booking around the holidays is that you and your guests are more likely to already be on vacation! Additionally, if you’re getting married in your hometown, the increased probability that your friends and family will already be home for the holidays reduces some of the additional travel requirements for your loved ones. Plus wouldn’t it be amazing to be on vacation for your anniversary every year?!

  1. Festive Atmosphere & Merry Attendees

What’s more festive than the holiday season? A holiday wedding!! This is the time of year when the world seems to be a little more joyful. Billboards, commercials, and radio stations are broadcasting their cheer. It’s a dedicated time to celebrate family, love, and togetherness; and people are generally merrier. We can’t think of a better time to pledge your commitment to forever love!

  1. Gorgeous Decorative Options

The holidays offer some unparalleled decorative options. From trees to snow, silver to gold, glitter to twinkle, and everything in between, there really are no limits! Bonus… By working with your venue, you might find that you are able to cut costs on décor this time of year! RiverStone enjoys decorating our facilities for the holidays! Come book a tour with us to see the stunning backdrop we provide!

  1. More Available Wedding Dates

Many wedding venues start booking over a year in advance. If you’re worried about competing for available dates, the holidays offer a bit more flexibility. Not only are you likely to find a larger selection of available dates, but also a broader selection of wedding vendors around the holidays.

  1. The Best time for Black Tie

Let’s be honest, the holidays are one of THE best times to get dressed up! You’ll be looking your best on your wedding day, and that means gorgeous wedding pics! Plus there’s something extra enjoyable about getting fancy when the occasion and season simultaneously call for it!