Its wedding week! Now what???

RiverStone knows that the week of your wedding will be filled with all kinds of excitement and nervousness. Let us help you navigate your way to wedding day readiness! Cue all the emotions, and get ready to take some notes. RiverStone is sharing our Wedding Week Checklist to help you stay organized, efficient, and SANE when your wedding countdown hits the single digits!

The Necessities & Accessories

Pick up your Marriage License

Many states enforce “waiting periods” and expiration dates on marriage licenses. Wisconsin enforces a 6-day waiting period between the time you pick up your license and the time of your wedding. Once issued, the license is valid for 30 days. Therefore, you must be married within 6-30 days after receiving your license. Research the marriage laws in your state to ensure that you comply with the requirements.

Try on your Clothes

Now is the time to preview your wedding day look! RiverStone recommends that you check this off the list early in the week. That way you will have time to schedule any last minute alterations and purchase any remaining accessories that you need.

Break in your Shoes

The last thing you want come ceremony time is shoes that are too painful to wear down the aisle. Guys, leather dress shoes are stiff and can be uncomfortable. If you’re planning to wear a new pair for your wedding day, we recommend softening the leather first. Wear them around the house for about an hour a day for 1-2 weeks leading up to the main event. Ladies, do the same thing for 2-3 weeks if you plan on wearing a fabulous pair of heels. If you’re walking in flirty flats, 1-2 weeks should be sufficient.

Clean your Ring

Wedding day is your ring’s big chance to shine! So take it to a jeweler for a professional cleaning the week before your wedding.

Pack your Bags

Pack your wedding day survival kit and honeymoon suitcase(s), passport, and any other necessities now.

Note: We recommend leaving your engagement ring at home for safe keeping, especially if you’re traveling internationally for your honeymoon!

The Venue & Vendors

Confirm the Timeline with your Venue

Review the order of events for your wedding day with your event venue. You want to be sure that expected arrival and departure times are solid for vendors, wedding party, and guests. A final review will answer any outstanding questions that you have.

Check in with your vendors

Check in with your vendors as well. Be sure that they understand the wedding day timeline and are up to date on any special instructions for arrival and setup/teardown. 

Confirm your Hotel Reservations

Make a quick call to your hotels to confirm that your reservations are set for the night of the wedding and the dates of your honeymoon.

Prepare Payments and Gratuities

Make sure all the financial details are taken care of in advance. You will not want to deal with any money matters on your big day!

The People

Check on your In-laws

Don’t forget about your in-laws in the midst of all the hubbub. Reach out to see how they are doing and if there is anything they need help with. This is especially important if you’re planning a wedding in a town that is unfamiliar to your future family.

Reach out to your Wedding Party

Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen are ready to go! Verify that they have their wedding day apparel, travel plans, and lodging arrangements in place. Review the timeline of events with them as well. They will be grateful for any information that helps them get you hitched without a hitch!

Spend Quality Time with your Fiancé

This often gets overlooked when the pressure is on, but it is SO important! Even if you can only sneak away for a quick 15-minute walk, you will both benefit from the time spent together. Your love is what brought you here in the first place, so make it a priority to support one another and enjoy this experience TOGETHER!

The Basics

Remind yourself each day to drink water, get sleep, and breathe! Taking care of YOU is a vital part of wedding week survival!