How to Stay Chill at Your Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are fabulous for so many reasons! The days are long, the colors are vibrant, and the sun is shining! Along with all that sunshine comes the possibility of some serious heat waves. But don’t worry! RiverStone’s got you covered! Here are some great ways for you and your guests to beat the heat at your summer soirée!

Fans & Parasols

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, remember that while you exchange vows with the love of your life, your guests will be sitting still for a minimum of 30 minutes. Things can really heat up in that amount of time (pun intended)! Keep everyone comfortable by designing your wedding programs to double as personalized fans and offering lightweight parasols as protection from the sun’s rays.

Hydrations Stations 

Provide locations, indoors and out, where your guests can rehydrate! Infuse water, lemonade, and iced teas with citrus, berries, kiwi, or mint leaves for a refreshing elevation of color and taste!

Frozen Treats

For a super fun way to chill on your big day, serve frozen drinks and sweets at your reception. Here are a few summertime favorites that will delight your guests and help keep them cool!

  • Ice Cream (hand dipped or soft served) Tip: Build Your Own Sundae stations are always a hit!
  • Ice cream Floats
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches Tip: Macaroon ice cream sandwiches are a cute twist on this classic favorite!
  • Milkshakes
  • Gelato
  • Popsicles
  • Slushies or Flavored Ice
  • Adult-approved options: Try frozen champagne push pops or experiment with fun and flirty blended cocktails.

Updos & Waterproof Makeup

If you’re having a summer wedding, waterproof (read sweatproof) makeup and breezy hairstyles are a must! Even if you’re planning an indoor ceremony, you will likely be taking photos outside. Make sure you plan accordingly!

UV Protecting Accessories

Offering sunglasses and sunscreen is a thoughtful way to ensure that your guests are able to SEE and comfortably experience every detail of your wedding day. As a result, they will feel extra stylish and cared for! For a unique twist on this idea, throw in some straw hats! Bonus points for the great photo ops these “cool” accessories will create!